Osteopathic massage

Osteopathy and massage therapy on the Camino

Beginning this August, most of our tours will include our own dedicated Osteopath/massage therapist to travel with us. We have found over the years that the majority of people walking with us want one or more massages along the way to ease sore muscles and help them feel refreshed and relaxed at the end of a day’s walk.

Even those who have trained very well for the walk find that some days are fatiguing to their muscles – especially a day where there is some degree of ascent or descent. Getting a massage will help you recover from the day’s exertion more quickly, restore optimal muscle condition and help prevent possible injuries that can come when our bodies are overtaxed or making an extraordinary effort.

So, we have hired a professional experienced in osteopathy, kinesiology and massage to travel with us. Massage and other types of treatments will be available every day that we walk between 5 to 9 p.m. by appointment. She will also lead us in stretching exercises every morning before we walk. We want everyone to feel their best to get the most out of their journey, and we feel that the addition of such a professional will enhance everyone’s experience tremendously.

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