Immerse yourself in the culture and natural beauty of Andalusia

Authentic Journeys is thrilled to announce a new tour beginning in October 2019! So many of our clients have fallen in love with Spain, walked the Camino de Santiago with us, and want to continue to travel with us in Spain without necessarily repeating a section of the Camino. In response to that desire, we have developed a beautiful nature and cultural tour of the region of Andalusia, one of the most visited and most famous parts of Spain. Whether this is your first tour with us or one of many, we know that you will enjoy being immersed in the culture and beauty of Spain accompanied by our guide.

Andalusia was occupied by the Moors for 800 years and retains its moorish influence in the architecture and food —making it a very unique region of Spain. The only intact Arab palace outside Africa is found in Granada, and the royal gardens in Seville are a marvel to see. It is also, of course, the home of Flamenco. But did you know it also has famous Roman ruins and a stunning coastline? This area is so rich in history, culture, food, and natural beauty that it is a treat for all of the senses.

Our tour of Andalusia is designed to be an active tour, but not a walking tour like the Camino de Santiago routes. It has all the amenities and attentiveness to our clients that you expect from us. We have selected charming places, delicious food, and activities to awaken all your senses.

We hope that you will be able to join us either on the Camino or in Andalusia. We love spending time with our clients, and would love to see you again on an Authentic Journeys tour.


We use first-hand experience and expertise to carefully select quality hotels that provide excellent service and comfort. Each hotel has its own unique charm. Below are some of the hotels that we often book:

Belén Jorge

Your guide in Andalusia

My name is Belén Jorge. I graduated with a degree in Art History from the University Complutense in Madrid, but I always consider myself an anthropologist historian as I’m always searching for the human factor beneath things. I traveled all over the world until I fell in love with Andalusia and I decided to make it my home in 2012, first in Seville and then in Cádiz.

My experience comes from leading tours of the Way of Saint James. I have done more than 20 tours of the Camino de Santiago where I rediscover the beauty and treasures of my country and the passion of making feel people at home. To be a guide in Andalusia is like opening the doors of my house, the wild corners that I discovered, the vibrant cultural atmosphere of Seville and Granada, the taste of the fantastic wines and gastronomy, my passion about Flamenco Art, and its unique history, a mix of cultures after almost 800 years of muslims occupation that results in a very unique culture.

Let me guide you on an authentic experience and share all the pleasures that Andalusia has to offer while I take care of all the details with love and professionalism.