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Thank you for a MOST amazing journey to Santiago. You, Belen and Javier gave so much of yourselves to make me and my fellow pilgrims feel like welcomed family. As you might remember, family is hugely important to me. Thank you for for introducing me to all the fine wines, local cuisines (note: I’m always eating on your videos ;), and especially the “digestive” herbs. Also it was very kind of you to make arrangements for me to get my folder back from Canedo. There was nothing valuable in it but it had papers that meant a lot to me. You and your team helped make memories of a lifetime and I am forever grateful. May good health and much prosperity be your camino.

Deanna Verges, 2017

A “bucket list” must. The Camino, led by Duperier’s Authentic Journeys, was the most amazing experience ever. Words can only scratch the true essence of this trip… but my words would say: “The powerful scenery tasted like the most exquisite food, the food and wine made you feel like royalty and the journey took you out of your body into a place of peace!” I’m so thankful that Juan Carlos came into our life by facilitating and coordinating all the events to culminate something that will be with me forever. I hope you choose to give yourself the same experience. Where the road itself is home!

Paula Fiorenza, 2016

A truly amazing experience. There is truth in advertising…this was an authentic journey lead by an individual who loves his country, culture and the guests who travel the Camino. The meals and accommodations were first rate and personally selected by Juan Carlos with exceptional care. Although I was confidant that the trip would be fantastic, it still exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend this adventure without reservation. Do yourself a favor and make time to travel the Camino, enjoy outstanding meals and lodgings and develop lifelong friendships as Juan Carlos leads you through history.

Ed Lipsit, 2015

Duperier’s Authentic Journeys prepared a fantastic tour of the Camino de Santiago where I enjoyed breathtaking scenery, great company, delicious food, and amazing accommodations. Juan Carlos Duperier, our fearless and charming leader for the journey, walked alongside us sharing his vast knowledge of the Camino, but most importantly, his passion for it. With Duperier’s Authentic Journeys you will experience the best that the Camino has to offer and I highly recommend it. Gracias por todo!

Ana Rasmussen, 2014

Bonnie and I spent a wonderful week with Juan Carlos and Julio on the Camino. As stated on his website, the food, wine, accommodations and friendship are all 5 stars. We highly recommend Duperier’s Authentic Journeys. We are waiting for the new trip, a food and wine trip through Southern Spain.

Paul Jones, 2014