Hotels Hotel Real Colegiata de San Isidoro

In León

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Nestled in the Kingdom of León, the heart of one of the most beautiful Romanic locations in Spain, the Real Colegiata de San Isidoro Hotel provides guests with an unforgettable experience. Restored and re-opened in 2005, Real Colegiata de San Isidoro creates a unique ambiance, combining historical architectural elements with functional modern design. Guests are invited to travel through the Real Colegiata de San Isidoro’s history within the Legio VII fortress walls as they gaze at Royal Pantheon paintings, admire the basilica’s choir, and stroll through quiet, awe-inspiring cloisters in this 18th-century monastery. The hotel comes complete with 30 rooms, a fine dining restaurant with regional cuisine, and several museums.

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