Group of pilgrims on the June 2016 tour

Duperier's Authentic Journeys: A true luxury walking tour

Entry for Duperier’s Authentic Journey’s “Share Your Camino Experience” contest by Pilgrim Linda.

The complete name of this tour company says it all! I did not truly realize this until I walked the Camino in June.

Duperier’s: Juan Carlos loves his native country of Spain as I love my children. His profound love is demonstrated every step of the way. We experienced the food and wine in Juan Carlos’s favorite restaurants and learned the culture of Spain whenever there was an opportunity to chat.

Authentic: First and foremost, you actually walk the Camino de Santiago. There were no shortcuts. You must obtain your own stamps along the way-which was great fun and added greatly to us feeling like true pilgrims. Hundreds of thousands of people have walked the Camino before us and you can feel their energy beneath your feet. Juan Carlos’s favorite saying is “the Camino will give you what you need.” Only yourself can figure out what it is you need. Talk about authentic - not many of today’s pilgrims get to stay in an ancient monastery and a castle and an elegant allbergee along the trail.

Luxury: This is an understatement! You will never, ever be hungry or in need of a glass of fine wine! Without any question, we ate the most delicious, plentiful, fresh-from-the-garden meals that can be found in all of Europe. The wines were from the regions we were visiting and were the finest that money could buy! Accommodations are first class. Our travel bus met us at three different locations each day with ice cold water, more food and much encouragement to continue.

Journey: Every human being needs to walk a Camino. It is time of reflection, talks with God, physical, mental, and spiritual challenges, opportunity to meet fascinating other pilgrims, and it is said that you are never quite the same after this journey. I can verify that statement. More importantly, my journey was so powerful due to the awesome efforts of Duperier’s Authentic Luxury Journey’s. I will be going back next year!

Pilgrim Linda
June 6-16, 2016 tour

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