Pilgrims walking the Camino

Preparing to walk the Camino

To walk the Way to Santiago has been one of the most enriching experiences of my lifetime, which is why I am never tired of doing it and why I decided to share my passion with the world by organizing luxury tours. From my experience I can also say that in order to make the most out of this amazing journey, it is important to prepare for certain aspects of the walk that I am happy to share with all of you in this post.

Recommended exercise

For those who do not exercise or walk long distances regularly, it is essential that you prepare for the Camino. It’s ideal to begin your training three months in advance, but if you don’t have enough time, begin as soon as you can. Walking uses different muscles than running or biking, so while those activities definitely improve your overall fitness to walk, it is a good idea to use your “walking muscles” before you go. During the Camino, we generally walk between three and five hours a day. If you can find a place to practice your walking with gradual hills, that would be great, but no worries if you’re unable. When you walk with us, the sections range from flat to undulating, nothing extreme.

We recommend the following preparation to maximize your enjoyment and to put you in ideal physical condition for the walk.

If you start preparing two months in advance

If you start preparing one month in advance

It is important to do stretching exercises before and after walking. The first few days of the path will be the hardest. After the first few days of walking, your body will begin to adjust and walking will become easier and easier moving forward, regardless of how much you have trained in advance.

Last but not least, be sure to break in your walking shoes before you come to the Camino. It would be great to train with the same shoes you will be walking in during your trip.

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