Happy pilgrims at the dinner table

Spanish cuisine

We found over the years that many of our pilgrims come not knowing what to expect from Spanish food – what does it taste like? Answer: Heaven. Is it spicy? No. Is it like Mexican or South American food? Not in the least.

Spanish cuisine is not well known in America, as opposed to Italian or Chinese or even French food. But especially in recent years, Spanish haute cuisine is considered some of the best food in the world thanks to chefs like Ferran Adrià, Arzak, David Muñoz, José Andrés, and the Roca brothers, whose restaurants are always vying for number one among the best restaurants in the world.

The food in the north of Spain, where the Camino de Santiago passes, is a mix of Spanish, Celtic, and European dishes, mainly based on rural culture.

Obviously, the north of Spain’s culinary traditions rely on the quality of their meat and fish, as well as the locally grown vegetables and fruits – and you will walk by the farms where many of the animals and vegetables are raised. In addition, each region in the Camino has its own distinct cuisine and specialties, like seafood, soup, braised fish, stew, etc.

Our pilgrims consider the food and wine that they experienced with us to be one of the highlights of their trip, so they always mention it in their reviews:

The walk was amazing, the scenery beautiful, and the food and wine fantastic – Kerry Joseph

[…] the beautiful countryside, the culture and history, the food and wine and the great companions to share the walk with us. – Sally Alvarez

The meals and accommodations were first rate and personally selected by Juan Carlos with exceptional care. – Ed Lipsit

We fell in love with the land, the food, and the small historic hotels we stayed at. – Paul Cosgrove

I enjoyed breathtaking scenery, great company, delicious food, and amazing accommodations. – Ana Rasmussen

One of our pilgrims’ favorite restaurants is the Parada Das Bestas. It is an ancient farm house from the 18th century made of granite and chestnut wood that creates a peaceful atmosphere ideal for relaxing after a great morning walk. Their fresh food is outrageously delicious, innovative, and made from local ingredients infused with the passion of a chef who understands the art of cooking.

No matter which kind of food you like, no matter how much you love eating, the experience of our walking tour mixed with superb food and wine will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

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