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The exotic food of Galicia

Galicia, the region in the northwest of Spain whose capital is Santiago de Compostela, is well known throughout Spain and the world for its cuisine. The most important part of Galician gastronomy is the exquisite seafood itself. In Spain, we think that it’s better to eat a simple dish made of a main high quality product in order to enjoy its genuine taste, rather than dress it up with lots of sauces and side dishes that hide the authentic flavor.

The variety of seafood in this region is astonishing, including octopus, prawns, mussels, oysters, razor clams, cockles and of course, the scallop, the symbol of the Camino de Santiago. The Atlantic Ocean waters that bathe Galicia are freezing cold, and its coasts are full of cliffs and rocks. Let’s see some of the seafood specialties that can be found in Galicia:

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